John Barrett writes:
> Why is an interactive session "by default" generating AI aircraft without a
> loaded scenario to control those aircraft ?? The "server" should be loading
> the scenario. Having an airport spawn aircraft just because someone is close
> by the airport should not be a default behavior of the simulator.

These are the sorts of things you might want/need if you are not
connected to a MMP server ... as I understand it, the current focus of
everything in the src/ATC/ directory is a stand alone fictitious
environment not connected to any MP server.

> Similarly, if a client is acting as a adjunct to a server, it will
> need a scenario loaded from the command line, or provided by the
> server to control its spawning and behavior of AI planes. Without a
> scenario loaded, or a connection to a server, its just you all by
> your lonesome (which I had thought was the situation given my
> experience loading up FG and flying around with the default
> settings)

I suppose we can divide the work up and draw the line any place we
like.  But my preference would be to control all the AI traffic in the
server and not burden the core FlightGear code with it.  Note that
unless you are < 100' away from an airplane, there is no way you are
going to be able to tell if it's running real flight dynamics, or some
ultra-simple non-physics based engine that just moves the airplane
along some predetermined route.  99.9999% of the time in civilian
aviation, you should never get that close to an airplane.


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