John Barrett wrote:
> Why is an interactive session "by default" generating AI aircraft
> without a loaded scenario to control those aircraft ??

David Luff wrote:
> Um, my plan was actually to have the sim spawn appropriate random
> aircraft as the user gets near, and to have each airport populated
> with statics which can randomly spawn into life.  Is there anything
> wrong with this?

Maybe a more productive way to argue about architecture would be to
concentrate on the "toolbox" functionality you *both* are going to
need. :) Clearly you both want the ability to tell "the system" to
load up a 747-400 model, position it at this
location/orientation/velocity, and update as needed.  You both want
the ability to enumerate the active "AI" aircraft in the system, set
up an interpolative path for the aircraft, etc...

It may be that this will be all the code you two share.  A massively
multiplayer server will most likely prefer to have a global set of
flight plans rather than auto-generating aircraft "near" the
(potentially very large) player set.  The server's approach to the
same problem (too many AI aircraft for the client to handle) is going
to revolve around deciding which of the thousands of AI aircraft to
update on which clients at what time.  Likewise, it probably won't
want auto-generated aircraft "polluting" the skies around players.

So long as you two don't share code at the top level, and instead are
simply using the same foundations, you won't care.  By analogy: hand
two kids a box of legos and they can both play happily.  Hand them the
same blocks in the form of a space cruiser and you have a fight. :)


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