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Subject: Re: [Flightgear-devel] ACScript RFC (or FGScript ??)

> John Barrett writes:
> > And I envision a "client" that handles multiple AI aircraft on behalf of
> > server thats plenty busy enuf handling message passing and other
> > functionality (this "client" really it could be considered part of the
> > server, but so much of the code is the same compared to a client, there
> > really isnt a reason not to leverage the existing client code and
> > the processing to other machines, and the same code will be in the
server so
> > if the requirements are light enough, the server could be instancing the
> > planes)
> Just asking questions here ... let's say that 10 people want to meet
> up and fly around a particular airport, and each of those 10
> interactive sessions by default generates 10 AI aircraft each to make
> the skies interesting, things could get quite busy.  It seems like
> you'd have to come up with some protocol to arbitrate who instantiates
> and controls which aircraft distributed accross all the different
> clients.  That sounds like it could get really complex in order to do
> correctly with out any goof ups.  I'm not saying it can't be done,
> just that it seems like this could quickly grown into an extremly
> complex system.

Why is an interactive session "by default" generating AI aircraft without a
loaded scenario to control those aircraft ?? The "server" should be loading
the scenario. Having an airport spawn aircraft just because someone is close
by the airport should not be a default behavior of the simulator. Similarly,
if a client is acting as a adjunct to a server, it will need a scenario
loaded from the command line, or provided by the server to control its
spawning and behavior of AI planes. Without a scenario loaded, or a
connection to a server, its just you all by your lonesome (which I had
thought was the situation given my experience loading up FG and flying
around with the default settings)

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