On Thursday 22 April 2004 22:03, Tracy Martin wrote:
> Engine fails, lever fully down,  adopt autorotation speed (depends on type
> flown and where the field is)  keep nose into wind with pedal*, adjust rrpm
> ( depending on weight ) ...wait for the ground to get nearer, around  30 -
> 40' stick gently back, gentle flare to reduce forward speed, level ship,
> let her settle onto ground.
> Switches: off, get cup of tea.

Sounds easy..  =)

How low can the engine fail, and you still be able to do a safe autorotation 
landing? (provided there is a field within reach)

(I'm talking about the upper end, of course, I assume you could survive an 
engine loss at one feet (foot?))

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Gunnstein Lye
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