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Stewart Andreason wrote:
> Would it be helpful to report on anomolies, or errors?

If by anomalies/errors, you mean things that clearly look like bugs,
like seams/rips/etc., it makes sense to report them.  However, it
probably makes more sense to report them on terragear-devel than
here.  And it also makes sense to put a small amount of effort into
googling the list archives (for terragear-devel and flightgear-devel)
to make sure nobody's reported it before.

But if you mean anomalies/errors such as "road is a little off
position and thus cuts through airport area" or "riverbank off
in detail" or "city boundaries aren't like that in this area" or
stuff like that, see below.

> Or is the scenery generator pretty much automated in combining 
> topographic, tower, and roadway features?

I'm not the best person to be answering this; but nobody else has, so
I'll stick my neck out.  The generation of that stuff is automated,
from publicly available datasets.  There are errors associated with
inaccuracies in the datasets as well as errors associated with
matching the datasets up.  To the best of my knowledge, no system
exists for passing along corrections or refinements to the copies of
those datasets used to generate the terrain (if I'm wrong about this,
I hope like hell someone will jump in).  This would be a very cool
thing to have.  Recently I used Frederic's fgsd to redo the banks
of the Potomac and Anacostia rivers in the Washington, D.C. area
-- they were way off.  And I drew out the Mall, and changed its
materials (terrain types), so that it'd look right.  Then a new
set of scenery came out.  I needed to go with it, since it fixed
a big airport bug that afflicted some airports, including National
Airport.  But that meant throwing away all the work I'd done fixing
the terrain.  If there were a system for feeding this info back
into the datasets used by TerraGear to generate the terrain, so
that corrections would show up in future scenery releases, that
would be uber-cool.  But it's not like everyone doesn't have a ton
of ideas to pursue or problems to solve; someone with the skills
to make it possible finding the *time* to make it possible is
the hardest part of all.

(so if you're interested in contributing and looking for a problem
to work on . . .hehehehe)

(TerraGear cognoscenti encouraged to jump in and correct anything
I said above that's bogus)


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