> From: "Curtis L. Olson"
> Sent: Thursday, 24. Feb 2005 23:37 -0500
> To: FlightGear developers discussions

Ok it's too late for me to be a lot of help right now.

A couple of things.

1) Does everything work ok in other "lookfrom" views (where the camera rotates 
from a 
viewpoint).  The second tower view that lets you look around the airport does 
that.  If 
that works then the matrices are fine ("lookfrom" views all use the same 

2) Look at FGAircraftModel::draw in FlightGear/src/Model/acmodel.cxx.  There is 
a hack in 
there that resets the near/far plane and clears the depth buffer.

I can't see what you see and it is too late for thinking hard let alone firing 
flightgear and playing with the tiled dump.  But those are the only two things 
I can think 
of that are done differently for the 3D cockpit view.

Oh...hmmm...you were talking about 3D, right?

If not then look at the 2D panel code.  It does some weird things with the 
frustrum.  And if that's it look at the panel config for one of those clear 
panels because they don't frig with the frustrum.



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