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> There is very active development on FO Tree building, property
> resolution and layout models.  A lot of that development is desisn
> speculation, such as the design notes I have been posting, and there is
> also a fair bit of code, all of which resides with my ISP, references to
> which I post every now and then.

I don't like what I think is happening.
The FOP community is here, what does your ISP have to do with it?

You have the *right* to branch and continue parallel development here. This
is how it should be done. If not, it's not a FOP effort, it's your personal

> Arved is, as you know, engaged in a
> C/C++ project for a fast, small footprint FO Processor over at
> SourceForge, and I copy all of my design discussions to him.  He has
> just committed another set of perl modules to his prototype.

Why not put it here, in FOP.
Hey, xml.apache is not only Java. Has this been tried?

> The
> approach of both Arved and me is revolutionary rather than evolutionary,
> primarily, I think, because both of us feel that the requirements are so
> complex and interrelated that the design of all of the phases must
> proceed in parallel, which also means that everything is up for grabs.

IMHO it's not necessary, but you have more experience than me on this.

The fact that I didn't even know of your effort, and still don't know where
the code is disturbes me somewhat.
We are talking about having to depend on iText, but it seems to me that your
effort is not different in this regard.

Don't get me wrong, maybe I don't understand something, but still I'm very

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