At 12:07 PM 6/10/02, you wrote:
> > 3) Compile Fop with JDK1.3 (which will be done anyway)
> > and state in the release notes that compiling with JDK1.2
> > and using truetype fonts in the AWT viewer does not work.
>Probably the best for the moment. I don't know if some conditional
>compiling is doable. If yes, it probably won't be very maintenance

btw: How does one ~prevent~ the use of truetype fonts -
isn't that what Java uses for the defaul font families
(Sanserif, Serif, etc) on windoz ?

It just occurred to me that the answer to this might be a clue
to solveing the awt->printing problem I'm grappling with..

         ' Best,
         -Ralph LaChance

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