I'm confused about exactly what the nature of the problem is here.  From 
what I can gather so far, not insisting on 1.3 means that we must 
withdraw support for TT fonts in AWT.  Does that imply that TT fonts 
were not supported in AWT in 0.20.3?  If so, not supporting them in 
0.20.4 is not a backward step, it is the maintenance of the status quo. 
  If some users have got used to AWT TT support in CVS versions of FOP, 
we can, with a little footwork, do both: we can provide a 0.20.4 release 
which can still be built with 1.2, without TT, for users of 0.20.3.  For 
those users who are in the habit of building from the CVS tree, we can 
immediately restore the AWT TT support in the tree, while we work on a 
proper version-dependetn regime for the following release.

If AWT TT support was provided by some other means in 0.20.3, why don't 
we stick with that for now?


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