My 2 cents on this from a user's perspective:

> 1) Declare that Fop needs JDK1.3

Though 1.2 to 1.3 migration is not a big step for
most people, it still is a step. Migrating complex
server setups including app servers just because a single
component needs a newer JRE is undesired by every sysadmin
I know... AFAIK a good many app server installations are
still run under 1.2.x (e.g. WebSphere installations).
All of my customers would do it, but...

> 2) Remove truetype font support from AWT viewer

Hm. No really. 8-)

> 3) Compile Fop with JDK1.3 (which will be done anyway)
> and state in the release notes that compiling with JDK1.2
> and using truetype fonts in the AWT viewer does not work.

This is the best option, I think. It does not take
the feature away, everyone interested in *compiling* FOP
can easily do it by installing 1.3, and no runtime migration
is needed.

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