Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:
From: Clay Leeds [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Thanks again for all of your collective (not to mention quick!) help on


If mine is included, you're welcome of course. (No replies? Admittedly,
perhaps I do leave little to add ;) )

Don't worry... I don't think there's a plot out specifically to get you. (They're out to get me!)... Seriously, though... It just happened that I went to lunch after sending my original msg, and when I came back, there were a bunch of replies. IIRC I replied to the last message... In any case, I agreed with your statement that Eric's statement was extremely helpful.

Considering your specific case, I think the conditional addition of the
filename would indeed be helpful. Having that specific document name
included at least lessens the search time a bit (does away with first having
to ask the question of what exact date/time the document was printed).

That is correct. It would help. The funny thing is that we don't use the Fiery printer too often (something like $0.20/page on our usage/service contract!). But when we need it, we need it! In any case, it would be nice to have the ability to pass an arg and have the document name used as the "file name" being printed, for anyone who has to "go back" in a queue and re-print anything.

If Glen judges that it would hardly be worth the effort, I can understand
perfectly that there are more important issues... So if need be, I'll just
enter a patch one of the coming days.

Sounds good, and thanks!


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