--- Clay Leeds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I would posit that the *issue* of how to deal with
> PATCH contributions 
> should be discussed so that a plan/protocol can be
> achieved. This needs 
> to occur at least at the "project" (FOP) level
> (possibly ending with a 
> VOTE), but should really be done at the Apache
> Foundation level, since 
> other Apache projects are apparently faced with the
> same issues.
> Another possibly separate issue (?), is whether or
> not we can accept 
> contributions _to the fop-dev mailing list_ to which
> I would certainly 
> respond/vote an emphatic YES (we should accept posts
> from anyone 
> willing to post and do so graciously).
> It is my hope that Nikolai (and other esteemed
> members of our community 
> such as G. Ken Holman) read the fop-dev & fop-user
> mailing lists and 
> respond at will. But we should come up with a plan
> we can all refer to 
> so there is no question.
> Respectfully,
> Web Maestro Clay

Thanks, Clay, for your comments.  You raised many good


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