Thanks for the kind comments, Glen. I look forward to discussing the topic of how to deal with contributions made by developers of competing products, and more importantly, the fruition of a plan or protocol to help guide us.

Web Maestro Clay

On Feb 6, 2004, at 3:46 PM, Glen Mazza wrote:
--- Clay Leeds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I would posit that the *issue* of how to deal with PATCH contributions
should be discussed so that a plan/protocol can be achieved. This needs
to occur at least at the "project" (FOP) level (possibly ending with a
VOTE), but should really be done at the Apache Foundation level, since
other Apache projects are apparently faced with the same issues.

Another possibly separate issue (?), is whether or not we can accept
contributions _to the fop-dev mailing list_ to which I would certainly
respond/vote an emphatic YES (we should accept posts from anyone
willing to post and do so graciously).

It is my hope that Nikolai (and other esteemed members of our community
such as G. Ken Holman) read the fop-dev & fop-user mailing lists and
respond at will. But we should come up with a plan we can all refer to
so there is no question.


Web Maestro Clay

Thanks, Clay, for your comments. You raised many good points.


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