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> Yes, indeed, of course.  I don't know the difference
> between US and European laws here--but most companies

Actually there is probably not that much difference WRT the law 'in se' (for
those who remember the patentability rules issue in the EU +/- half a year
ago; Apache participated in making it public).
I think the real transatlantic difference lies in the way the law is viewed
(a whole different story).

> do not allow you to share competitive information
> learned from one company to the next.

That is indeed so true that to me, this would classify as common sense,
rather than being a legal issue. If you have even the least bit of reason,
you'll think twice before doing so. (There's my concept of 'integrity': one
just *does not* do that; the law is there for enforcing this to people who
choose to disagree with this)

> So in the case of a disgruntled employee fired at RX
> or AH deciding to unload that company's source code
> with us--we're to stay clear away from it--have
> nothing to do with the code or with him.

In the case he is disgruntled, he would of course have ulterior motives we
cannot disregard.
What in the case he isn't, and started off some more projects of his own,
but could not part with XSL-FO after all. So he decides to join the
OpenSource community --and bounces into a wall?
Where's Apache's 'individual' in this case?

> > Just because of simple
> > integrity?
> I appear to value it more than you.  In America, your
> integrity/character defines you, it's the beginning of
> your essence.  Integrity is also something that can't
> be taught or fixed, a very important point in
> business--I've learned that once I detect problems
> with a person's integrity, best to minimize
> interaction with that individual.

This appears to have come across totally different than it was supposed to.
I hope my further explanations have straightened this out.

> Keep in mind, Andreas, Apache Geronimo is already
> running into headaches, apparently including
> complaints on "architectural similarities":
> http://incubator.apache.org/projects/geronimo/20031031_jboss.pdf

Thanks for the pointer. It will surely be of great help in avoiding possible



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