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> From: Glen Mazza [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> I really appreciate your enthusiasm and am very happy,
> upon you finding something possibly of use to FOP on
> another ML, of your bringing it back to the team.  We
> should just be careful in this particular case,
> however.

Well, AFAICT for now, RX didn't take it nearly as far as I would have (*if*
I were to do anything with discoveries made in their approach, whatever I
would come up with would be unrecognizable compared with the original...)

But ok, I promised to be careful, so WRT details, I'll leave it at that for
the moment.

> (BTW, you may also wish to look at Xalan, Batik, and
> Cocoon for other ideas--*that* code we should be able
> to use directly.)

Yes yes! Of course, these should have been the first to enter my mind...

Sorry if my postings scared you a bit.



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