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> Nikolai,
> Please re-consider your decision.  I, for one, am extremely pleased that
> developers on other XSL-FO projects, especially ones so successful as
> RenderX, are interested enough in FOP to monitor this list, and, even
> more, to respond here.
> If you have watched us for a while, you will realise that Glen tends to
> shoot from the hip, and expresses himself forcefully.  (I have done the

Peter / Nikolai,

I think I should be the one to apologize here, as Nikolai seems to have been
offended by one of *my* unreflected shoots from the hip --hey, sometimes I'm
in the mood for joking. If the joke comes across bad, I appreciate it when
people tell me that it has, offering me an opportunity to clear things out.
In this case, the only part saddening me is Nikolai deciding to unsubscribe
as a consequence of one simple remark, that wasn't even serious (let alone
'reflected' criticism)...



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