[Pardon me, Peter, for more shooting from the hip...]

--- "Andreas L. Delmelle" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > --nor should FOP developers even
> > be looking at its internals.  Matter of simple
> > integrity.
> I think this is a bit over the top. Suppose that
> tomorrow, someone gets
> fired at RX or AH, and this ex-employee decides to
> share some ideas with us.
> Are we really going to tell him to take a hike??

Yes, indeed, of course.  I don't know the difference
between US and European laws here--but most companies
do not allow you to share competitive information
learned from one company to the next.

So in the case of a disgruntled employee fired at RX
or AH deciding to unload that company's source code
with us--we're to stay clear away from it--have
nothing to do with the code or with him.

> Just because of simple
> integrity? 

I appear to value it more than you.  In America, your
integrity/character defines you, it's the beginning of
your essence.  Integrity is also something that can't
be taught or fixed, a very important point in
business--I've learned that once I detect problems
with a person's integrity, best to minimize
interaction with that individual.

> (Suppose that, before we find out, he has
> already submitted a few
> patches that have been applied. Would we undo all of
> these patches, because
> of 'simple integrity'?)

Indeed.  Of course.  In a heartbeat.

> It's --should I add: of course ?- not the intention
> to copy anything, just
> gather some ideas.

Close enough to be the same thing--and it doesn't
reflect very well on you for you to try to make such a

Keep in mind, Andreas, Apache Geronimo is already
running into headaches, apparently including
complaints on "architectural similarities":


> My point exactly: how are we going to make sure of
> that if we're not even
> meant to look at their internals? (Who knows, maybe
> it's 0.000047%
> already... 

If nobody has looked at their code, then it is
0%--anything else is coincidence.

> Are you by any chance familiar with (--Picasso's, I
> think...):
> "Bad artists copy, good artists --steal."

Thankfully, no.


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