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> Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:
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> > Peter / Nikolai,
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> > I think I should be the one to apologize here, as Nikolai seems
> > to have been offended by one of *my* unreflected shoots from the hip ...
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> Andreas,
> Thanks for these comments.  Glen has pointed out to me, off-list, the
> same thing.  As I was the one who mentioned Glen by name (as neither
> Bertrand nor Jeremias did) I must acknowledge that leaving the 2nd-level
> quotes from you in my reply to Nikolai gave completely the wrong
> impression.  I owe Glen an apology for shooting from the hip.

The thing bothering me was that I received Nikolai's response, then my
connection dropped, so I couldn't respond immediately...

In any case, I'm glad so many team-members decided to jump in, and expressed
their desire for public apologies. I'm not the kind of person who feels he's
too good to apologize when he crossed a line. Reconsidering my response, I
must admit that I probably went one (at least one) step too far. (To think
that the remark in question was inserted by me right before sending it.)

Of course, I can understand Nikolai's reacting in this way. As RX
project-leader, he obviously 'cares' about his project. Same goes for me,
however... I'm a FOP-guy, not? If I were working at RX, chances are you'd
catch me uttering a few similar remarks on the FOP-team (--but hey, boys
will be boys!)

So, Nikolai, again my apologies. It was never the intention to create the
appearance that RX was in bad financial papers (--how the heck would I know
anyway?), nor that any of their collaborators had questionable motives.

I do hope, with Peter and many others, that you reconsider your decision to
unsubscribe from fop-dev.



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