I agree. 100%. Thanks, Bertrand, for speaking my mind.

On 06.02.2004 08:26:58 Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> executive summary: ARE YOU GUYS CRAZY?
> Le Jeudi, 5 fév 2004, à 21:28 Europe/Zurich, Nikolai Grigoriev a écrit :
> > I realize I was wrong when I answered to this forum - I could not
> > expect my words to be interpreted this way. Please disregard my
> > previous message; I also unsubscribe from the list, to make you feel
> > sure I don't induce anyone into wrongdoing. ...
> I'm pissed (not my usual language but cannot find a better word) at the 
> discussion which caused this to happen.
> People, look at the archives: Nikolai has been kind enough to give 
> input and share his thoughts here several times, even if it meant 
> disclosing some information about RenderX at times. Thanks Nikolai.
> Now he's being accused of trying to inject proprietary information into 
> FOP - this is plain surrealistic. I though RESPECT was a given on these 
> lists but apparently it is not for everybody.
> In my opinion public apologies are due to Nikolai. Whether he chooses 
> to stay or go is his choice, but letting him go without a word would be 
> another lack of respect.
> Nothing personal against anyone - everyone does mistakes at times, the 
> question is whether you try to fix them (or rather, fix what's left) 
> and learn from them.
> I tried to refrain from mixing in this as I'm not contributing to FOP 
> currently, but this is too much. I still care for this project and hate 
> to see such things happen.
> -Bertrand

Jeremias Maerki

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