Hi Max,

By all means, go for it. That can’t hurt, IMO, and this will probably be
quite helpful (or scary, maybe ;-) ).
Of course, just setting them up will not be enough. Their suggestions
will also have to be followed. Given that there are already something
like 18,000 checkstyle warnings in the current codebase...



Max Berger wrote:
> Dear Fop-Devs,
> since this came up, here is a list of tools I use for software quality
> checking (and all them them can check for generic list types). All of
> them have Eclipse and maven plugins (and ant tasks, and ....)
> Checkstyle: checkstyle.sf.net
> (already configured in fop, so nothing needs to be done)
> Findbugs: findbugs.sf.net
> (very good - all its advices should be followed)
> PMD: pmd.sf.net
> (contains almost too many rules, some of them are debatable)
> I'd be willing to set up reporting for these 3 tools, so that you can
> check what they suggest. I usually try to follow of these rules when
> creating new files.
> Max

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