Dear Fop-Devs,

for the actual implementation, I think it would be a good idea to create a second lib-directory (e.g. buildsupport, or buildlib), and add the required libs there, so that we're all using the same tools. These libs would only be needed during build, and not during deployment.

Libs which are BSD (pmd, retroweaver /translator) would be added there directly, for others (checkstyle, findbugs) I'd provide a readme on where to find them.

Right now this is the case with lib/, but everything in lib/ is also used during run-time, whereas I would explicity like to exclude these build-time dependencies.

This would increase the size of the fop svn directory, but it would also make it easier for developers to get started.

Please comment.

On that note, I'm currently evaluating IntelliJ, which has some really nice Code Inspection features. It warns about redundant statements, for example: unnecessary casts, variable that are assigned but never used, while-statements that don't loop...

nice. This could definitely be complimentary.

As you said, the result could turn out to be scary... :-)

It will be.



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