I'm using FindBugs (as Eclipse plug-in) for some time now and it is
really good. Not that I can really say yes to 100% of the suggestions.
But about 98%.

I'm not sure about the benefit of those reports. We've had the
Checkstyle report for years now, but I doubt many people look at that
often. Having those tools as IDE plug-ins is much more useful. But that
needs to be set up by every dev him/herself.

On 10.06.2008 10:01:03 Max Berger wrote:
> Dear Fop-Devs,
> since this came up, here is a list of tools I use for software quality  
> checking (and all them them can check for generic list types). All of  
> them have Eclipse and maven plugins (and ant tasks, and ....)
> Checkstyle: checkstyle.sf.net
> (already configured in fop, so nothing needs to be done)
> Findbugs: findbugs.sf.net
> (very good - all its advices should be followed)
> PMD: pmd.sf.net
> (contains almost too many rules, some of them are debatable)
> I'd be willing to set up reporting for these 3 tools, so that you can  
> check what they suggest. I usually try to follow of these rules when  
> creating new files.
> Max

Jeremias Maerki

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