Hi Max,

Max Berger wrote:
> Dear Fop-Devs,
> for the actual implementation, I think it would be a good idea to create
> a second lib-directory (e.g. buildsupport, or buildlib), and add the
> required libs there, so that we're all using the same tools. These libs
> would only be needed during build, and not during deployment.
> Libs which are BSD (pmd, retroweaver /translator) would be added there
> directly, for others (checkstyle, findbugs)  I'd provide a readme on
> where to find them.
> Right now this is the case with lib/, but everything in lib/ is also
> used during run-time, whereas I would explicity like to exclude these
> build-time dependencies.

Actually there is already a lib/build directory that serves that
purpose. You could use it, or if you prefer to have a separate directory
you can move the content of lib/build into the new one. Your choice :)

> This would increase the size of the fop svn directory, but it would also
> make it easier for developers to get started.
> Please comment.
>> On that note, I'm currently evaluating IntelliJ, which has some really
>> nice Code Inspection features. It warns about redundant statements,
>> for example: unnecessary casts, variable that are assigned but never
>> used, while-statements that don't loop...
> nice. This could definitely be complimentary.
>> As you said, the result could turn out to be scary... :-)
> It will be.
>> Cheers
>> Andreas
> Max


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