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I am about ready to merge the forum-v2 branch into trunk.  If there
are any objections, voice them quickly.

The fundamental difference between email and web content, is that emails are delivered to me, and once they are, they are mine. I can store them, move them around, modify them as I like to apply tags and labels, to keep them organized and in line with my mindset and workflow. They are easy to access (IMAP) from many different places and different devices, easy to search, and standard.

Web content is the negation of nearly everything above: it never "belongs" to me, and as a consequence I can not manage it as my own expect for a few basic things like saving the html file offline, printing it, or bookmarking a particular page.

Email is pushed to me, while web content is something I need to go and pull. And the location where I go and pull might change over time. And content itself might change over time (although this doesn't often happen in fossil).

*  Email notification is available for new forum posts.  Currently,
the alert emails contain a very brief synopsis of the post -
essentially just the title.  This can be enhanced later to provide the
complete text of the post, if that is seen as desirable.

This is a step forwards in making web content pushed to users.

Send out the whole content of a post, and you'll have a mailing-list. Devise a mechanism to allow replying to such an email and sync it with the forum, and you'll have made a gian leap forwards in dismantling the web/email barricade.

I would love to see that.

Pietro Cerutti

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