On 2018-08-02 1:57 AM, Pietro Cerutti wrote:
Send out the whole content of a post, and you'll have a mailing-list.

Well, the distribution half of a mailing list anyway.

Devise a mechanism to allow replying to such an email and sync it with the forum, and you'll have made a gian leap forwards in dismantling the web/email barricade.

That's what most mailing lists (those with on-line archives) do. Visiting the archive is purely optional, it's there in case you didn't keep a message or just joined and want to read-up before asking "dumb" questions.

However as others have mentioned having inbound email processing, unless very carefully handled, would defeat the initial purpose: to stop wasting drh's time dealing with spam, and particularly the annoying spam that was being sent directly to list members after they post. Not long ago I got several score of those based on a posting from years ago.

For my part, as long as the notifications contain the message body text I'm fine with having to go to the web forum to reply.

In answer to DD's caveat, I'm even fine with having to go to the forum to get context for the occasional post which needs it; but even in a forum where quoting when you reply is uncommon or unheard of, I find that I usually have enough context from just the emails.


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