On 02/08/18 10:33, Jungle Boogie wrote:
> I enjoy mailing lists, having a copy of the mail and being able to reply from
> mutt (which I'm doing now), but I think what's been implemented within fossil 
> is
> something we can all appreciate and find use of. A small project may not use
> tickets, the wiki, or tech notes. That project probably won't have a mailing
> list either.
> Now there's another feature, for free, that they also may not use - a forum.

I also enjoy mailing list. Hopefully some RSS way of
subscribing/replying to the forum from a mail client will be provided
and I will stay here as much as possible before subscribing to the
forum. But i think that its a good addition to have in Fossil. Even for
a small project, like the ones I admin in Fossil, I have found a use for
several of its integrated features: files and tickets (mainly), wiki
(before discovering embedded doc) and tech notes (in a minor way). Not
that forum will be enabled, I foresee it as a welcomed feature for our


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