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There is no avant-garde now. The internet insures that NOTHING will stay avant - EVER.

I tried to make this point pre-Internet, in my 1986 article "The End of Avant-Garde Film" in the 20th anniversary issue of "Millennium Film Journal." By 1986, in my opinion, common usage was that an "experimental" or "avant-garde" film was a film with certain features, such as scratching or painting on film, a limited or abstracted narrative, non-linear editing, very small cast and crew, and others -- some of these if not all of them. Scratching on film was by then no longer "avant-garde," in the sense of new or advanced, and the terms "experimental" and "avant-garde" has come to denote a style of filmmaking. This is neither good nor bad, but one important reason to understand it is that artists must realize that techniques already used don't justify themselves; everything depends on the total work.

Fred Camper

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