> I will not provide comments as the below messages are already too messy.
> Remove my teflon cables...  Hmmm... I'll try it but something tells me that
> this is like trying to shoot an arbitrary star in the midnight sky.  FreeBSD
> doesn't like teflon or is it just my system???

I think there have been a few people in this thread who've replied
with a significant lack of tact and for that probably need to be taken
to task - I don't think that many aspects of this thread have
reflected well on the participants in that regard.

That said, I'll take the liberty of translating what I believe they're
*trying* to say in a way which I'm hoping will be a more tactful.

The practice of running -current, something which any commercial Unix
development shop would not even give its "customers" the benefit of,
is one definitely not recommended for everyone.  It's basically for
developers and people who can, at the very minimum, provide crash
dumps and actively help to debug problems.  Please note that I do not
say "help report problems" since that's not actually what's being
solicited by making -current widely available - that would entail a
staff of people who did little more than interpret problem reports and
we're not big enough to sustain that kind of effort yet.  What we're
looking for with -current are essentially "co-developers", everyone
else being actively (and, in some cases, forcefully) directed to

In short, I honestly believe you're simply on the wrong branch and
will do both yourself and the developers a world of good by jumping
out of the shark tank and into more hospitable waters.  Should your
problems persist in -stable, that will be an entirely different matter
and I'll be among the first to jump in and try and help you debug the
problem.  With -current, all bets are literally off.

- Jordan

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