On Sat, 30 Sep 2000, Tony Johnson wrote:

> I must admit that I have been less then tactful about this thread.  I
> apologize for this.  This is my last response to this because once again
> this has gone on far too long.
> As far as this response goes.  I sense "selective reading."  I never said
> anything abut leaving FreeBSD, even though some developers like Alfred want
> this, with his "piss off" comments.

        If you knew alfred, you might understand :p (and I say this with
the greatest of love for this friend of mine)
> It appears that I am not the only one who has seen this.  Don't call this an
> unsubstantiated comment...  It's not just me.

Noone said you didn't have a problem, the attitude about something broken
in -current and "fix it now" was the problem, -current is unstable, I
personally have issues with running it on my development box right now, so
I went back to PRE_SMPNG and will worry about it after everything is
supposedly "fixed" , I suggest a similar solution for you. If you must
have a working machine, 4-STABLE may be for you.

I personally, do try and find out why I have issues like this, and try to
provide debugging onfo if possible. Right now, I don;t have time due to my
new position at VA, so have stopped tracking -CURRENT as closely.

I did exactly what the handbook suggests. I don;t whine when my -CURRENT
build is broken.
> Guys/gals, stop telling me to just use 4.0 and fix the problem.  How do I
> "help myself" fix a problem with boot floppies??  Noone seems to have an
> answer to this question, except for "piss off" by Alfred, use 4.0 by pretty
> much everyone, and "forget your damn irq's" by Alfred.  Maybe you are coming
> in at the tail end and you did not re-read all the info that was said here.
> Please go back and reread in an "unselective" manner.  I know "I" didn't
> break anything , as I do not alter /usr/src in any way.

        and thats the point, unless you are going to help debug this, and
help code, you should not be running -CURRENT. You have missed the point,
it has flown over your head, its now landing on the ground, you might want
to go pick it up.

        Thanks for telling us about the problem, when one has time, after
other issues are resolved, I'm sure it will be. Demanding that one if us
fix it right now is not going to help your case.

> This is definitly an election year...

that obvious huh?


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