On Thu, Sep 28, 2000 at 21:45 -0500, Tony Johnson wrote:
> Since I am complaining then I need to figure out what U have
> done to make 5.0-CURRENT crash??  Well atleast U admit that U
> do not know and U do not care.  So anyone who is using FreeBSD
> should also not care??  This is more screwed up then I thought
> and people @FreeBSD have made this much harder then necessary.

<irony mode on>
It seems you finally got it.  Somebody thought about "what can
I do to break _his_ system?  I have some spare time and I feel
bored ...".
<irony mode off>

But it could be just as well the way the handbook told you:
-CURRENT is the place where development takes place.  Using
-CURRENT you're supposed to know what you do and how to help

What the participants in the past thread wanted you to do is to
provide some more info to make them able to help you better.
Claiming "you broke it somewhere - guess where - , fix it or I'll
leave" will make you get answers like "feel free to choose the
second".  Chances are that the "broken code" works for other
people.  Only you and nobody else can provide the info what
exactly breaks things for _you_ -- nobody else has the system to
repeat and explore it.

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