* Tony Johnson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [000928 17:54] wrote:
> I really did not want to reply to this but since some people believe that I
> am just see-ing things, then I will set this straight.

No we don't Tony, we aren't claiming any stability in -current,
I'm sure people will remeber your initial bug report and eventually
work out a fix.  Unfortunatly for you they may also remeber how
you continued to hammer on this issue while completely deluding

> I have a dual PPro-200 systems.  aha-3950u2 scsi card.  Teflon cables from
> scsi-cables.com.  Segate cheetah 4.5gig drive that runs FreeBSD5.0-Current
> since it came out.
> I have been running FreeBSD for years...  I ran 3.0 and 4.0 when they were
> /current and I never had these problems.

You were obviously luckier than I was at times.

> I cannot even get the thing
> (5.0-Current in recent days) to boot from boot floppies that you put on
> ftp://current.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/snapshots/i386.  If you are producing
> an OS that does not boot on /current then say this publicly and not curse me
> out for your production of a non functional product.

We do, read on.

> I'm sure I could
> produce a set of non-functioning asm code that just crashes peoples
> machines, if your idea of development is this.  I don't believe that I need
> to write an email list for this.

Actually Tony, I'm unsure if you're able to produce _any_ code because
so I really can't remeber seeing any code produced by you.

You also seriously need to read the handbook,
http://www.freebsd.org/handbook/current-stable.html: What is FreeBSD-CURRENT?

  FreeBSD-CURRENT is, quite literally, nothing more than a daily
  snapshot of the working sources for FreeBSD. These include work
  in progress, experimental changes and transitional mechanisms
  that may or may not be present in the next official release of
  the software. While many of us compile almost daily from
  FreeBSD-CURRENT sources, there are periods of time when the
  sources are literally un-compilable. These problems are generally
  resolved as expeditiously as possible, but whether or not
  FreeBSD-CURRENT sources bring disaster or greatly desired
  functionality can literally be a matter of which part of any
  given 24 hour period you grabbed them in!

It goes on to say: What is FreeBSD-CURRENT not?

   1.A fast-track to getting pre-release bits because you heard
   there is some cool new feature in there and you want to be the
   first on your block to have it.

   2.A quick way of getting bug fixes.

   3.In any way ``officially supported'' by us. We do our best to
   help people genuinely in one of the 3 ``legitimate'' FreeBSD-CURRENT
   categories, but we simply do not have the time to provide tech
   support for it. This is not because we are mean and nasty people
   who do not like helping people out (we would not even be doing
   FreeBSD if we were), it is literally because we cannot answer
   400 messages a day and actually work on FreeBSD! I am sure that,
   if given the choice between having us answer lots of questions
   or continuing to improve FreeBSD, most of you would vote for us
   improving it.

Can you imagine that!  Yup, you were warned, you were told, the
only thing we couldn't do (unfortunatly) is fly someone over to
fwap you with a rolled up newspaper when you initially thought
of running -current.

I think all three points are reason enough for you to stop using

> I have a better idea, how about an option on the install to save buffer
> cache to a floppy disk , or atleast the portion that caused the automatic
> reboot???   Gdb anyone?

Sure, send patches, follow my previous advice or simply piss off.

"I have the heart of a child; I keep it in a jar on my desk."

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