Tony Johnson wrote:
> Since I am complaining then I need to figure out what U have done to make
> 5.0-CURRENT crash??  Well atleast U admit that U do not know and U do not
> care.  So anyone who is using FreeBSD should also not care??  This is more
> screwed up then I thought and people @FreeBSD have made this much harder
> then necessary.

Learn the lesson now and save us all from reading your messages in the

First: If you run FreeBSD-CURRENT, you must take the time to read at
least 2 mailing lists being freebsd-current and cvs-all.  I'd recommend
archiving them as well and definitely have your own source repo.

Second: Dont try to antagonise the list.  Do you think that everyone
is actually aiming to produce a broken by design system ?

Third: Investigate you own problem.  If you can fix it you have provided
a service to others who have the same hardware.  You may have to spend
time doing a search of your email to identify the likely commit that
caused your problem... keep release CD's around for quick testing of boot
floppies.  Keep a source repo so you can checkout kernel floppies from
around the exact change to the GENERIC kernel that broke your system.
There should never be time deadlines on you doing this because YOU SHOULD
NOT USE -CURRENT FOR A PRODUCTION SYSTEM.  It really doesn't take long
for new technologies like softupdates, ACPI, ATA-100 to get into the
-STABLE stream and then into a release.

FreeBSD is a volunteer project with a development model that lets anyone
'listen in' on whats happening at the head of the development tree.  If
you are prepared to use the head of the tree, you do need to fix your
own problems or at least provide the list with an exhaustive list of your
configuration and the behaviour you see under everything you've tried
(removing hardware, changing cards, flashing BIOS, hacking CODE! yes you
can do this too!).

If you dont have time to do this, run -STABLE or the last release.

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