I must admit that I have been less then tactful about this thread.  I
apologize for this.  This is my last response to this because once again
this has gone on far too long.

As far as this response goes.  I sense "selective reading."  I never said
anything abut leaving FreeBSD, even though some developers like Alfred want
this, with his "piss off" comments.

Mr Nickolay Dudorov said,
        I must say that (at least in my configuration) there IS
the connection between 'trap 12' while booting CURRENT builded
(with build+install-world and build+install-kernel) at 27.09 and
28.09  AND disabled in BIOS IDE controller.

        My system is based on Abit's BP6 motherboard with two
Celerons 366. If I disable in BIOS conf. menu standard IDE controller
and try to boot the system with the (ATA) disks on the HPT366 controller
I receive 'trap 12' after 'atapci0: Busmastering DMA not enabled' message.
After enabling primary IDE controller in BIOS without any disks or
CDROMs on it I successfully boot this -current system and write this
message from it.

        -current builded at 24.09 successfully boots and works
on my system with primary and secondary IDE controllers disabled
in BIOS.

        Unfortunately I have no time to spend on debugging this
situation. If somebody ( sos ?) wants the screen shot of the trap
message I can send it to you (with the results of the 'nm'-ing
the kernel ?).


It appears that I am not the only one who has seen this.  Don't call this an
unsubstantiated comment...  It's not just me.

Guys/gals, stop telling me to just use 4.0 and fix the problem.  How do I
"help myself" fix a problem with boot floppies??  Noone seems to have an
answer to this question, except for "piss off" by Alfred, use 4.0 by pretty
much everyone, and "forget your damn irq's" by Alfred.  Maybe you are coming
in at the tail end and you did not re-read all the info that was said here.
Please go back and reread in an "unselective" manner.  I know "I" didn't
break anything , as I do not alter /usr/src in any way.

This is definitly an election year...

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But it could be just as well the way the handbook told you:
-CURRENT is the place where development takes place.  Using
-CURRENT you're supposed to know what you do and how to help

What the participants in the past thread wanted you to do is to
provide some more info to make them able to help you better.
Claiming "you broke it somewhere - guess where - , fix it or I'll
leave" will make you get answers like "feel free to choose the
second".  Chances are that the "broken code" works for other
people.  Only you and nobody else can provide the info what
exactly breaks things for _you_ -- nobody else has the system to
repeat and explore it.

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