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Martin Rubinstein wrote:
> When saving, (playing standalone, all other players AI), data appears to be 
> lost.
> Latest time government type reverted to Despotism from Monarchy

You mean the government was Monarchy at the beginning of the turn and
changed to Despotism?  How do I reproduce?  Please attach before and after
savegames to your reply.

Other examples of loss?

> If there is any way to log what the system is doing, please advise - it 
> appears to be some sort of timing problem when the "Game Save" option does 
> not wait for processing to finish.
Yes, there is extensive logging available, but you have to compile the game
yourself.  ./autogen.sh --enable-debug

See http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Install to learn more.

> Is there a way to advise the server to wait until all commands have been 
> processed, then save.

The save command is merely another command in a stream of commands, so
processing should already be done in order.  Need more examples!

Processing could be delayed somehow to an appropriate point in the turn,
such as new turn or new phase.  But that would prevent multiple saves per
turn.  I know that I use that when debugging, so I'm not in favor.

> For your information, I was saving at high frequency during this error 
> problem to go back & find out what I (& the AI) were doing - I am used to the 
> commercial game which does not work on Vista.
Well, the idea above won't work for that, as it would drop rapid saves....

Why not set the "Turns per autosave" option to 1, and let the game do all
the saving?

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