Follow-up Comment #9, patch #1280 (project freeciv):

> Just over-read the last patch... 
> * Is there a reason to use a packet_chat_msg pointer instead
> of a plain structure? 

you are right; a plain struct is enough

> * To be sure to don't forget any place to add the offline
> events, I think it should be included inside
> notify_conn_packet(). 

the problem is, that notify_conn_packet() is called for _connections_ but an
offline player has no connections ...

> * player_add_offline_event_v() is not needed. A simple call to
> player_add_offline_event() should be added in send_chat_msg(). 

for chat_msg_allies() it would be OK (but see above: connection <=> player).

Within chat_msg_privat() two different players are the recipients:
player_add_offline_event_v() is used for the offline player while
send_chat_msg() is used for the player how wants to send the message.


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