Follow-up Comment #18, patch #1280 (project freeciv):

> Offline events are only saved if a player has no connections
> (= no user connected to this player).

This is not a very good test, the only connection of a player can be an

> For the next user who takes this player, all events are shown.

Your patch doesn't do that.  It sends only the offlines messages when
connecting.  And I really think that if 2 users takes the player they would
like to see the messages both.

> The available framework could be used for that. All messages
> are saved for each player independently if he is connected or
> not. If he reconnects or the player is taken by another user
> or an observer connects all messages are send. This requires
> that the query is not deleted after the messages is send but
> only if the max number of messages or max number of turns is
> reached.

I was thinking set a global queue where a bitvector would say what connection
to notify when its state changes.  It would also be used to store messages
after a game was loaded.

It would also solve that this code wouldn't affect the common part at all.


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