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>> Goswin von Brederlow <goswin-...@web.de> writes:
>> I actualy went and fixed the ruleset so that solarfarm still reduces
>> pollution to 0 even with Hover Dam and Recycling Center. That really
>> helps. Biggest city now 125.
>> I have to say that the Pyramids combined with a Granary are made even
>> more powerfull by migration now. Initially with Pyramids and Granary
>> in a size 2 city one can buy a settler every turn and the city just
>> pops back up to size 2. This allows for a rapid expansion of ones
>> empire giving one a huge headstart.
>> Now, with migration same thing happens. A citizen migrates and the
>> city just pops back to size 2, thus giving a steady stream of migrants
>> to grow a city. So even when expansion stops you still get a huge
>> grows benefit throughout the rest of the game.
>> I also believe the migration is done every 5 turns with a 50% change
>> for the source city (default). That means surrounding a large city by
>> 10 small cities will (on average) grow the large city by 1 each turn.
>> Maybe there should be at most one migration to the same city per
>> 5 turns. I.e. people can only migrate to a city that didn't already
>> recieve migrants in the last 5 turns. Currently migration is more
>> powerfull than rapture.
> The difference between migration and rapture is that rapture _adds_ one
> citizen to your nation while migration only _moves_ this citizen between
> the cities of your nation. In your examples you have to be carefull to
> check/grow the small cities or they will vanish from the map due to
> migration (and all buildings are lost!). Using both rapture and migration
> you can really fast grow one city (with wonders for the migration score)
> ...

But that is where the Pyramids come in. A size 2 city with Granaries
gets reduced to 1 by migration. If it has enough food stored it pops
back to size 2 WITHOUD FOOD LOSS. And if the city has naturally grown
to size 2 and isn't starving it will always have enough food.

Maybe migrants should take some food with them, e.g. half the foood
box on migration. That would prevent the umlimited stream of migrants.

> Furthermore, if the check for enough food is disabled citizens will
> migrate into a city even if there is no food available - meaning they will
> starve!
> Matthias


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