Follow-up Comment #15, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

OK, what I thought was a bug in gtkpixcom, was actually an inconsistency in
sizes of supported and present units pixcomm heights. Is there a reason why
those are different ?

Anyway, a few more code shifts plus a few changes aimed at making things
*build* with gtk3, while not breaking gtk2.

Stress on 'build', as for the time being if built with gtk3, it crashes
shortly before displaying anything.
I think the reason for that is that in gtk3 the cairo context of "draw"
callbacks should *not* be destroyed.

For the moment, I'm thinking about how to avoid the code duplication (all
those 'if (!pcanvas->drawable)...else...' blocks), as it would make
restricting context creation easier.

Perhaps it's the context, that should be the other element of canvas struct,
not the GdkWindow ?

(file #14241, file #14242)

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