Follow-up Comment #14, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

Well, there's still a bit of cleanup to be done, but canvas are unified now -
there's only CANVAS_PIXMAP.

Dropping CANVAS_PIXBUF wasn't hard, CANVAS_PIXCOMM, on the other hand, was a
pain. Eventually, I've decided to simply reimplement alike to GtkImage, that
is it has now a private copy of the surface.

The memory footprint seems still lower.

There seems to be a little bug in size calculation of GtkPixcomm - I think I
could make a pretty good guess about the cause (probably in the next version
of the patch).

Other than that, reduced GdkColor usage - the new fields of color struct
mirror those of GdkRGBA (probably could be done better). Can't drop it
completely, as treeviews need it.

(file #14226)

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