Follow-up Comment #9, patch #3095 (project freeciv):

I see two catches about this already, one is something I've seen on irc, the
other is an answer I got there.

- Windows and gtk3: several times I've seen gtk+ devs stating that 3.4 (at
least I think it was 3.4, but it *definitely* wasn't 3.0) is the first gtk3
version working decently on Windows; also, the catch about *official*
packaging for Windows is that was they were doing with gtk2 was extremely
hackish and there's nobody with the time to do it correctly for gtk3 (all that
formal license stuff and msvcrt catches among all)

- theming: when I asked about that box handling change, I was told, that
there's already another minor theming break planed (not for 3.6 though); the
answer went something along the lines of "if it behaves like proper css, it's
not expected to change, otherwise..."

on a funny note: for whatever the reason the startup time on my old x86
machine (time between pressing "Start" for a saved game and mapscreen being
completely drawn) is noticeably shorter with gtk3 client compared to gtk2 one


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