On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 9:11 PM, Robert Riebisch <r...@bttr-software.de> wrote:
> Mike Eriksen wrote:
>>> Graphics or X11? I'd be surprised about GUI stuff. Sure, I've tried
>>> BasicLinux and DamnSmallLinux, even briefly TinyCore, but they all
>>> seem to be too minimal or have other issues. I'm not saying it can't
>>> be done, but, 99% of the time, it never worked right for me.
>> Oh yes X11. Not the newest version (only x.org 6.9.0) so it won't
>> support the newest cards 3D capabilities. But it is important to
>> realize it's a thin client so it does exactly the same as DOS itself:
>> not very much and certainly not gcc. But you get X11, mouse, menus
>> (window manager), networking (including samba and NFS), sound and an
>> image will be below 10 MB if you are careful.
>> For most users around here a thin client isn't of much use. I just
>> wanted to point out that a Linux system easily runs on 32 MB RAM if
>> you know what you are doing (sorry).
> Is there more info on the net about your project?

But you really have to understand it's a thin client and is exactly as
useful as a fresh DOS installed from a couple of floppies: not very
much. Except it comes natively with X11, networking blah blah.


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