Greetings jack,
I certainly agree with your stance here.  I have been using one ms dos 7.1 
package since at least 2007 or so easily and effortlessly.  I have helped 
others find it as well.
I am not sure where the .bg country code is, but I could not connect to 
site when I tried it before writing this note.  it may be that they dislike 
low graphics browsers like lynx, or that they are now getting lots of 
I need, no demand smiles reliability, so  skip buts myself.
I have not used ms dos 6.22 for a grand while though, my need for much 
larger drives, the one I use for backup is over 30 gig, made the 7.1 door 
more practical.  I do wonder sometimes though if I could accomplish  a bit 
of both worlds.
What stands out for you in dos 6.22 over the later 7.1 edition of ms dos?
Most important of all, hear hear on using what you desire.  It is why 
there is a personal in pc after all.

On Sat, 7 Dec 2013, Jack wrote:

> Rugxulo,
> Re: your recent posts, I will summarize my feeling as follows:
> "LZ-DOS" and other copies of V7.10 MS-DOS are still available.
> You may not consider it reliable, and Dennis may have some odd
> problem accessing it, but that website <>
> did give me, on 5-Dec-2013, a working 2-diskette copy of V7.10
> which I was able to "install" on my system (up to the point of
> writing IO.SYS and MS-DOS.SYS, which I did not do since I want
> to continue with V6.22 MS-DOS).   I again accessed the "exact"
> URL shown above a moment ago, while writing this E-Mail, and I
> again had no problem with it.   Others can try doing the same.
> The 2-diskette installation set for V7.10 MS-DOS, available on
> that site, does work well, and it rather STRONGLY suggests its
> "installer" was written by Microsoft.   From my own experience
> I know that this V7.10 MS-DOS package is virtually "identical"
> to the one offered by Wengier Wu, which I have used for my own
> tests of UIDE for at least 6 years.   Others can try using the
> installation diskettes from <>, then make
> their OWN "conclusion" about the availability of V7.10 MS-DOS.
> Based on the above, I still say that "LBA" capability WAS part
> of later MS-DOS versions, that were and still are "available",
> and I still believe the FreeDOS "main page" comment that "LBA"
> was unavailable in MS-DOS is NOT quite true!
> I shall not argue "legalities" with you, nor in fact do I know
> any lawyers.   My own divorce and jury-duty experiences in the
> past have left me NOT WANTING to know any!   Instead of making
> such an "issue" of legalities, perhaps you should STOP at your
> own statement above:  "Honestly, just use whatever you want to
> use, 'whatever works!'"   No-argument here, so I will continue
> to use my reliable and SMALL V6.22 MS-DOS.   I hate "bugs" and
> "bloat", of which V6.22 MS-DOS has neither!
> And re: your comment that "You can't 'freely' download, modify
> or redistribute any DOS besides FreeDOS", I can only say again
> that the above website most-certainly DID work for me!
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