> I certainly agree with your stance here.   I have been using one
> ms-dos 7.1 package since at least 2007 or so, easily and effort-
> lessly.   I have helped others find it as well.
> I am not sure where the .bg country code is, but I could not
> connect to the site when I tried it before writing this note.
> It may be that they dislike low graphics browsers like lynx, or
> that they are now getting lots of traffic.

For your info, ".bg" is Bulgaria.   Given both Dennis's and your
problems with the website I noted, I suspect there could be some
"international" constraints AGAINST Bulgaria, in some areas!

> I need, no demand smiles reliability, so skip buts myself.
> I have not used ms-dos 6.22 for a grand while though, my need for
> much larger drives, the one I use for backup is over 30 gig, made
> the 7.1 door more practical.   I do wonder sometimes though if I
> could accomplish a bit of both worlds.   What stands out for you
> in dos 6.22 over the later 7.1 edition of ms-dos?

My father was a "packrat" (saved EVERYTHING), and I am not.   My
total storage, after almost 50 years of software, is only 180-MB
and fits easily on CD-RW disks, of which I have 3 as my backups.
Thus, I do not need FAT32 or "long filenames", and I do not need
the "bloat" that comes with most V7.10 MS-DOS programs.   I also
do NOT like that V7.10 will LOSE a "lock drive" command for some
reason that I have never understood, and that is a "nuisance" as
it always occurs when I do not expect it.   So I stay with V6.22
MS-DOS, which is NOT "bloated", and has NO "lock drive" to cause
me any profanity!   My actual "Internet vehicle" is V4.0 Win/NT,
since there are no good browsers, CD burners, etc., for use with
MS-DOS.   V6.22 or V7.10 helps me there, as Win/NT denies me the
right to deal with some system files.   V6.22 MS-DOS does not!

> Most important of all, hear hear on using what you desire.  It
> is why there is a personal in pc after all.

A pleasure to know you, dear Lady, after all my dealings on this
forum with "legalists" who FAIL to see that I was only giving an
EXAMPLE of V7.10 still being available!    V6.22 MS-DOS and V4.0
Win/NT also save poor-old retirees like me from paying $500/year
"tribute" to Gates & Co. for their semi-annual collection of new
BUGS, which they call "service packs"!

BEST wishes,

Jack R. Ellis

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