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According to Red Hat Network it does:


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Beta (v. 6 for 64-bit x86_64)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Beta (v. 6 for 32-bit x86)

Thanks for pointing this out, I'm installing RHEL 6.1 beta now. :)

It is not the final bits though. There have done several bug fixes
since then that will show up in the final 6.1 release.

Ok, thanks. I'll keep that in mind.

I think I might have a found a few bugs in the RHEL 6.1 beta release.
Please correct me if you're already aware of these.

Unless FQDN of the host is returned when running `hostname`, the IPA
services will fail to start as they return "No such object" when
querying the IPA LDAP for services. Shouldn't this be changed to use
`hostname -f` ?

AFAIK we don't call `hostname` in our script, it may be that another
part of init does. We have a ticket open on this, #1035.

ipa-replica-prepare fails with the error message below. I cannot find
the plugin mentioned as a seperate RPM.
# ipa-replica-prepare
The 389-ds replication plug-in was not found on this system

The package is named ds-replication. I'll open a ticket to make this
more explicit.



I could not find any ds-replication package in RHN.

We are working on making it available.

Just to elaborate on Dmitri's comments. In addition to the IPA client
and server packages that are included in the RHEL6.1 beta channel, there
will be a separate RHEL add-on channel, Enterprise Identity Replication.
That add-on channel will contain ds-replication and the Windows sync

If you wish to use IPA during the beta or when it is a tech preview
feature of RHEL 6.1 you should request an eval entitlement to the
Enterprise Identity Replication channel from your Red Hat account

I will request the channel to be added to our account.



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