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On Fri, April 8, 2011 01:03, Kevin Unthank wrote:
> <snip>
>>> Just to elaborate on Dmitri's comments. In addition to the IPA client
>>> and server packages that are included in the RHEL6.1 beta channel, there 
>>> will be a separate
>>> RHEL add-on channel, Enterprise Identity Replication.
>>> That add-on channel will contain ds-replication and the Windows sync
>>> packages.
>>> If you wish to use IPA during the beta or when it is a tech preview
>>> feature of RHEL 6.1 you should request an eval entitlement to the 
>>> Enterprise Identity
>>> Replication channel from your Red Hat account
>>> rep.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Kev
>> Hi Kevin,
>> I have requested the replication channel as you recommended from our account 
>> manager.
>> I am curious to why such an important feature as replication is put in it's 
>> own channel. I see
>> IPA is trying to compete with Active Directory to service Unix/Linux 
>> machines, however with
>> Active Directory all features is included in the base package of the 
>> operating system.
>> Why does Red Hat put the replication feature of IPA into a seperate channel 
>> from the operating
>> system?
>> Rgds,
>> Siggi
> Hi Siggi,
> With RHEL6 we are striving to have more flexibility with packaging and
> features. From the website:
> "Add-Ons to Red Hat Enterprise Linux allow you to tailor your application
> environment with workload extensions to suit your particular computing 
> requirements."
> For RHEL6.2 we are planning to have an Enterprise Identity Replication
> add-on. Until then, free evaluations will be available for customers who wish 
> to play with IPA
> while it is a technology preview.

Hi Kevin,

Please disregards Steven Jones' ranting, this was not the kind of feedback I 
was looking for.

Ok, I do like the wider options for channels in Red Hat, but this bring me to 
my next question:
Will there be an extra charge for this add on channel, or will this be included 
in the base

If $answer = yes { Why does Red Hat think they can charge more for a feature 
that is included in
it's competitors base license for the equivalent product? }

Else if $answer = no { Great! :) }


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