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>> Just to elaborate on Dmitri's comments. In addition to the IPA client
>> and server packages that are included in the RHEL6.1 beta channel, there
>> will be a separate RHEL add-on channel, Enterprise Identity Replication.
>> That add-on channel will contain ds-replication and the Windows sync
>> packages.
>> If you wish to use IPA during the beta or when it is a tech preview
>> feature of RHEL 6.1 you should request an eval entitlement to the
>> Enterprise Identity Replication channel from your Red Hat account
>> rep.
>> Cheers,
>> Kev
> Hi Kevin,
> I have requested the replication channel as you recommended from our
> account manager.
> I am curious to why such an important feature as replication is put in
> it's own channel. I see IPA is trying to compete with Active Directory
> to service Unix/Linux machines, however with Active Directory all
> features is included in the base package of the operating system.
> Why does Red Hat put the replication feature of IPA into a seperate
> channel from the operating system?
> Rgds,
> Siggi
> ==========
> Silly question.....they want to make money and lock out the "easy" 
> possibility of you not paying them.   
> There is a very good reason RedHat is nick named the Microsoft of the Linux 
> world......but they are all pretty much the same.
> You have to go into this with open eyes......this project isnt a real open 
> source project with real open source ppl from all walks of life.....its a Red 
> Hat project....that they let you see into on their terms, Sun and oracle for 
> instance have done the same thing.....their projects splutter along with 
> little OSS community support.
> Example, so if you went to say mailman (like I do) that's a real open source 
> product and I can get first class support via that....I would think that this 
> will never be a place for open source support for IPA it will be "please go 
> to red hat and pay if you want help".
> I dont know Ive even seen a single contributor who doesnt have a @redhat.com 
> address, that set off warning lights for me......probably why the FDS project 
> still has so many contributors and users....
> I hadnt noticed this wrinkle as I'm busy building a total virtual copy of 
> prod to run a huge proof of concept / pre-prod setup which will take me 
> another week at least....given we dont have much money and its going to take 
> me more than 6months to do, paying $ isnt practical/possible and we dont know 
> the cost when 6.2 comes out.  So I suspect that if you dont want or cant 
> afford a support contract bailing to CENTOS 6.1 or using CENTOS rpms to 
> finish the glue (on RHEL) will be the way to go. Given we will be using 
> shibboleth and everyone around us with shibboleth is on CENTOS its probably 
> where we will go.....
> Its not all bad, bear in mind of course an Identity / LDAP product off anyone 
> else eg Oracle will cost you mega bucks to buy (think numbers ending in 5 
> 0's), is bloody awful (2 of us spent 6 weeks trying to make its virtual front 
> end LDAP server even start let alone do anything of use and I failed).....and 
> costly to look after (think 1 FTE and a highly paid one to boot).....I really 
> wonder if the business case stacks up at all....
> regards

Hello Siggi, Hello Steven

It is true that we are human and we sometimes need to eat (just
It is true that the project was sponsored by Red Hat and most of the
contributors are from Red Hat.
It is not rue that all of them are. There are other contributors. Not
many but there are. And we hope that there will be more over time.

All the bits are available in Fedora at no cost and we do our best to
support Fedora community since we treasure anyone who provides any
feedback (better negative as we can learn from it).
We are going to continue keeping lights on this project so that people
who value the Red Hat platform for its stability can enjoy the
reasonably priced IDM solution but it does not prevent other
distributions from enjoying the fruits of our work. The same team of
engineers works on SSSD. SSSD has been adopted by SUSE, Debian & Ubuntu
and has several active non Red Hat contributors.
This did not happen over time but it did. And the main reason is that we
are ready to work with anyone who cares.

I hope that this clarifies things a bit.

Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

Sr. Engineering Manager IPA project,
Red Hat Inc.

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