Just to elaborate on Dmitri's comments. In addition to the IPA client
and server packages that are included in the RHEL6.1 beta channel, there
will be a separate RHEL add-on channel, Enterprise Identity Replication.
That add-on channel will contain ds-replication and the Windows sync

If you wish to use IPA during the beta or when it is a tech preview
feature of RHEL 6.1 you should request an eval entitlement to the
Enterprise Identity Replication channel from your Red Hat account

Hi Kevin,

I have requested the replication channel as you recommended from our account 

I am curious to why such an important feature as replication is put in it's own 
channel. I see IPA is trying to compete with Active Directory to service 
Unix/Linux machines, however with Active Directory all features is included in 
the base package of the operating system.

Why does Red Hat put the replication feature of IPA into a seperate channel 
from the operating system?


Hi Siggi,

With RHEL6 we are striving to have more flexibility with packaging and
features. From the website: http://www.redhat.com/rhel/add-ons/

"Add-Ons to Red Hat Enterprise Linux allow you to tailor your application
environment with workload extensions to suit your particular computing

For RHEL6.2 we are planning to have an Enterprise Identity Replication
add-on. Until then, free evaluations will be available for customers who
wish to play with IPA while it is a technology preview.


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