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> Ok, I do like the wider options for channels in Red Hat, but this bring me to 
> my next question:
> Will there be an extra charge for this add on channel, or will this be 
> included in the base
> subscription?
> If $answer = yes { Why does Red Hat think they can charge more for a feature 
> that is included in
> it's competitors base license for the equivalent product? }

does Microsoft include a synchronization plugin to RHDS? They do have
a synchronization package between different servers (sql and possibly
other ldap servers) into AD, but iirc not free (sorry, I forgot its
name, I saw it in the pile of cd/dvds we get from MS just in case we
bite and use it :-) ).

The synchronization between RHDS and Windows AD is as far as I see it,
just like the one from 389 directory server:
http://directory.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Howto:WindowsSync ; if there
is a supported module for freeipa, then great. Otherwise, one can
always try to get it working on its own.

Or am I absolutely wrong about this?

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