Hmm, that's an interesting strategy. Me personally, I'm an all or nothing 
kind of guy, for some reason I go for the super upgrades. And actually you 
can buy a paladin in about any system that I've seen, I really have no idea 
what the not available thing is unless there's other ships that don't show 
up. I know I've seen some ships that aren't on the list, for example the 
hellcat and the corsair, I think they're federation spacific ships, so maybe 
the not available thing is those ships and they don't show up because he 
didn't bother to textualize the ships you couldn't buy. From basically the 
corvette up though, I pretty much stole my way through the ships rather than 
buy them. It's a lot easier on the purse if you can find a ship with a 
fairly weak crew. It can still be tough though.

As for focus beam 2, it must be mark, since I don't have either double speed 
or emp resistance. For some silly reason I went over into the criminal skill 
tree after I got tractor beam, which I got way too late in the game for my 
liking by the way, I like your idea better *grin*. So I'm now at rank 
admiral and can't get any further mercenary skills, which sucks since I'd 
really like to have emp resistance. Ah well, for another time I suppose. 

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