Well, I'll let you know about the skill tree. emp resistance actually 
doesn't seem to work all that well, I've stil got emped (ha! I made up a 
word too!), the turn after using it.

After I've done my mercinary/bounty hunter game (really, the professions are 
very similar), which as you say will probably have to wait for the next 
upgrade, if the trade thing is fixed with the minimize button so as to be 
less of a pain, i'd like to try a full blown pirate game, with a bit of 
trading thrown in, ---- and yes, i'll be playing as the syndicate.

skills wise, taunt saves my neck a lot! then I've found it handy to try and 
balance the high damage and high accuracy skills. Most turns in battles 
(when no missiles are involved), I tend to use diciplin and focus beam, but 
targit lock and ambush also help.

My one worry with emp skills is accurcy, sinse as you have to have lots of 
criminal skills to be able to have emp and exploit, you can't have things 
like targit lock, so I wonder how often you miss.

anyway, you can always get some pretty good emp effects with disrupters.

Beware the Grue!


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